Our values

Since 1979


We are independent real estate valuers. Since 1979, we have not participated in any transaction and our team is not attached to any business group. Our independence is thus essential to fulfil our role as trusted unconflicted advisors. We take particular care to ensure that our valuations are impartial and are not influenced by other outside interests.


Our independant real estate valuers possess specialised competencies in analysis, assessment and understanding of the property market. These are essential skills to offer a service of the highest quality and fulfil the particular needs of our clients. In addition, this competency extends to respecting professional standards and conformation to the rules and regulations in force : RICS, TEGOVA, CNEJI, IEFI.


We appreciate and understand your desire for a rapid solution to your issue. We therefore commit to provide an initial response within 24 hours of your enquiry. Our team is willing and prepared to find the optimal solution, personalised to your specific requirements.


We are often in possession of sensitive information on behalf of our clients, their property interests and their transactions. Our engagement to confidentiality guarantees that this information remains private and is not divulged to any third party without express consent, thereby reinforcing mutual confidence between all parties concerned.

Team of independant real estate valuers